From an engine check light, to a vehicle that won't start, at the Auto Service Shop we can inspect, diagnose and repair many electrical systems for most makes and models using up to date diagnostic equipment.

Air Conditioning Service

Need the A/C system re-gassed no problem we can inspect, service and repair your air conditioning system so it is icy cold again, we can also replace compressors, condensers, evaporators and repair any leaks that the system may have. We can take care of all of your air conditioning needs to keep you cool in Australia's harsh climate.(AU35868)


Auto Service Shop can perform all types services from basic oil and filter change, to the replacement of all fluids and filters. We can service your transmission, cooling system, Brake systems we even also fix your vehicle's steering, suspension and exhaust system, in fact any type of maintenance or repair that is required to keep your vehicle on the road we can do it.

Log Book Service

Do you have a new or near new vehicle that is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty? We can service your vehicle according to your manufacturer logbook schedule WITHOUT voiding your statutory warranty, we always use parts and fluids that meet or exceed the manufacturer's requirements.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

How do you know you’re not buying a lemon? Our pre-purchase inspections can take a large amount of the guesswork out of buying a second hand vehicle. We will inspect all the standard safety items, under body structure for an past damage or repairs as well as check the condition of all the driveline fluids, connect the scan tool and check all the vehicle management systems for and logged fault codes.

Safety Certificates

In Queensland it is a legal requirement that a safety certificate inspection is performed whether you’re selling or transferring registration. We are a licenced safety certificate inspection station that can inspect passenger vehicle up to 4.5 ton, we are also licenced and equipped to perform your annual certificate of inspection (COI) if your drive a vehicle for private hire.(AIS7531)